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AEM 4270 Fall 2008 Team Final Report 25% of Team Grade Each team will be required to prepare a final report for the simulation. This report will account for 25 percent of your team grade. The final report is in some sense a final annual report for your company. The final report is your chance to describe the approach that you used in the simulation and why it either did or did not work. Additionally, the report will also require that you discuss some of the things that you learned during the semester and how you would modify your strategic plan going forward. The components of the plan are as follows: 1) (3 pages max) A discussion of your team’s performance during the simulation and the operating environment that you find yourselves in. This should include summaries of your performance in the areas of production, marketing, and
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Unformatted text preview: finance. The discussion should discuss your company’s overall financial performance, highlight areas where things are going well, and discuss things that are not going as well as you would like. 2) (3 pages max) A detailed discussion about the strategy that you implemented and how you modified the strategy over time. The discussion should make note of any changes that you made to your strategy over time and how these changes either worked or did not work. 3) (2 pages max) A summary and discussion of the key lessons that you learned over the course of the simulation and how you would do things differently given the chance. This should not include things like “We should have raised prices from XX to XX+5% in period 4,” rather you should focus on broad strategic decisions....
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