Essay - Vision: To drive technological advancements through...

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Vision: To drive technological advancements through quality, affordable, and accessible  products Mission Statement: Technologically innovative with small-sized, high-performing, cutting-edge sensors, positioned at affordable prices. Quality:  Through our product life-cycle management, we will provide mainstream- customers with proven and affordable product brands. Affordability:  Through our highly-automated production systems, we provide price- sensitive customers with established, affordable electronic sensors.
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Executive Summary: Baldwin Associated LLC resulted from the separation of a former Monopoly in the Electronic Sensor Manufacturing Industry. Baldwin is structured under four different functional areas; Research & Development, Marketing, Production and Finance. Our R&D department is responsible for developing the age, size, performance, and positioning for new and existing products. We currently have a product mix of five sensors targeted at Low-End, High-End and Traditional market segments and look to introduce a new product every other year. Marketing is responsible for determining a competitive price, customer awareness and accessibility of our products. Each year the marketing department must also analyze past sales, segment growth, and relative competition to develop an appropriate sales forecast for the following year. By
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Essay - Vision: To drive technological advancements through...

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