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AEM 4270 Agribusiness Strategy Fall 2008 Response: “Building Your Company’s Vision” A. Collins and Porras defined Core Ideologies as what a company stands for and why they exist and their Envisioned Future to be what the company aspires to become or create over time. Core Ideologies were further said to encompass core values and a core purpose; whereas, the Envisioned Future should be pursued using BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and vivid descriptions. Using their definition as a base I would go on to define a company’s Core Ideologies and Envisioned Future in two parts, as a foundation and an aspiration. One’s foundation must be strong and never changing, built upon sound principals and ethics. One’s aspirations should also be set high beyond what may be conceivably possible. With an ever-constant foundation the tallest of goals will never prove to be too large of a load. As long as you know you are grounded in a solid base the end result is infinite. B. Again, branching off what Collins and Porras spoke about, I believe the best way to
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