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Assignment #1_Problem_Set_Solution - Assignment #1 Chapter...

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Assignment #1 Chapter 2 2. a. Formation of snowflakes – physical change – change from liquid to solid is a physical change because the change does not involve changing the actual identity of the b. Rusting of a piece of iron – chemical change – involves a chemical reaction in which chemical composition of the reactants is altered c. Ripening of fruit – chemical change – the actual chemical properties of the fruit changes d. Fashioning a table leg from a piece of wood – physical change – cutting a piece of wood does not change the chemical composition of the wood e. Fermenting grapes – chemical change – fermentation involves a chemical reaction in which the chemical components are is changed f. Boiling a potato – physical change – the chemical components do not change 10. Ross -O – Oxygen -S – Sulfur -Sr – Strontium -Os – Osmium 16. I would put the mixture through filters until they were completely separated. In order to determine which was which, I would put them in water and see which one dissolved. The one
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Assignment #1_Problem_Set_Solution - Assignment #1 Chapter...

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