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Assignment #2_Problem_Set_Solution - Assignment#2 Chapter 4...

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Date Due: 2/9/07 Assignment #2 Chemistry 106 Chapter 4 – The Language of Chemistry 2. Consisting mostly of very small water droplets – d. Aerosol 4. A mixture of smoke, fog, air, and various other chemicals – h. Smog 6. Second most abundant gas in the atmosphere – a. Oxygen 8. A chemical species with an unpaired valence electron – p. Free radical 10. The product of a reaction between an oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule – q. Ozone molecule 12. The oxide of nitrogen produced by lightning, forest fires, and internal combustion engines – i. NO 14. An air pollutant that bonds to hemoglobin – m. CO Chapter 4: Applying Your Knowledge 8. Ozone is the product of a reaction between an oxygen molecule (O 2 ) and an oxygen atom (O). 16. The two regions discussed in the chapter are the Troposphere and the Stratosphere. The Troposphere is the one closer to Earth’s surface. 18. Ozone pollution is especially difficult to control because it is generated by chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Ozone can have an adverse effect on the human body. High
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Assignment #2_Problem_Set_Solution - Assignment#2 Chapter 4...

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