Assignment #3_Problem_Set_Solution

Assignment #3_Problem_Set_Solution - Jason Aronson and...

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Jason Aronson and Isaac Ross Due Date: 2/16/07 Chemistry 106 Chapter 7: Applying Your Knowledge 6. Before their potential as ozone-destroying chemicals was recognized, CFC’s were used in applications such as automobile and home air conditioning. They were also used as propellants in aerosol cans and as agents used to blow the holes into foam plastics. Lastly, they were used as de-greasers during the manufacture of printed computer circuit boards, television sets, and other kinds of appliances. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, or HCFCs, have been some of the most important replacements. Other replacements in aerosol cans and blown foams are compounds such as propane, butane, and HFCs. 10. The oxygen-oxygen double bond in O 2 is stronger than the oxygen-oxygen 1.5 bond in ozone and requires more energy to break. Because of this, oxygen molecules absorb higher-energy UV radiation with wavelengths less than about 242 nm. Ozone molecules absorb lower energy with wavelengths less than about 320 nm. Therefore, ozone is more
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Assignment #3_Problem_Set_Solution - Jason Aronson and...

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