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Due: 4/27/07 The Periodic Table Paper Chemistry 106 Platinum My name is Bunsen H. Beaker. Formerly a chemist studying the chemical elements that compose musical instruments, I now work as a record producer. My career as a record producer got off to a rather slow start. But now I’m at the top of the industry, and I possess the one thing that every record producer, especially chemist–turned–record producer, desires more than anything. It’s a rather interesting story of how I got to the top… As I mentioned before, my second career did not get off to the strongest start. Perhaps it was the relentless attention-to-detail that I developed during my chemistry days that made me a difficult producer to work with. Whatever the reason, I had a lot of difficulty finding a band that I could have any success with. I tried to produce successful records with several bands, but none seemed to be the right fit. The first band I worked with was a group of kids from outside Seattle that called themselves “Ozone in the Atmosphere.” They were able to come up with one or two decent songs, but everything else they made after that sounded the same. Ultimately, it was too much of the same thing, and we all know that too much of anything, especially ozone in the atmosphere, can lead to disaster. My second and third attempts with different bands did not go much better.
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This essay was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course CHEM 106 taught by Professor Houston,p during the Spring '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Platinum paper_Essay - The Periodic Table Paper Due:...

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