Syllabus - AEM 122 Entrepreneurship and Life Sciences...

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AEM 122 – Entrepreneurship and Life Sciences Lecture Series Syllabus, Spring 2008 Department of Applied Economics and Management [email protected] CORNELL UNIVERSITY AEM 122 Entrepreneurship and Life Sciences Lecture Series Spring 2008 Professor Course Support William Lesser Judy Neno Susan Eckert Lynch Professor 154 Warren Hall in Science and Business and 255-4576 Chair, AEM [email protected] 154 Warren Hall 255-4576 aemdirector Course Mailbox: [email protected] ( Please send all administrative inquiries related to AEM 122 to this address ) Teaching Assistants Frank Pena (Adm. TA)  ffp3 Jared Kaplan  jdk57 Andrew Cochran  cac277 Richard Offutt  reo6 Cyrus Gentry  csg32 Laura Ries ljr33 Armand Hershowitz  alh73 Office Hours of Teaching Assistants Times of office hours will be announced.  All office hours will be held in 49 Warren Hall. Graded reports will not be returned but may be viewed during office hours. Course Web Page Address   It is essential that you enroll in the web site by February 8th Class Meeting Times/Location M 7:30 – 8:30 pm. Note:  Lectures usually run 60 minutes.  Occasionally, however, a lecture may run over by  a few minutes.  Students are expected to stay until the end of each presentation.  Please keep this in mind  when making commitments for after-class activities (i.e., work, meetings, etc.) Kennedy Hall, Call Alumni Auditorium. January 2008 1
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AEM 122 – Entrepreneurship and Life Sciences Lecture Series Syllabus, Spring 2008 *Special acknowledgement and thanks goes to Sam Seltzer ’48 for funding the Moses and Loulu Seltzer Endowment, in honor of his parents, which provides financial support for this course. Description of the Course The Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences presents seminars and guest lectures by faculty engaged in  the study and practice of the commercialization of technologies, with particular attention to bio-based  technologies, and by prominent entrepreneurs associated with the  [email protected]  program.  The content is intended to inform and inspire students.  Evaluation will include attendance,  written feedback on lectures, a short book report and an end-of-semester short essay.  There are no  prerequisites for this course.  The initial lecture is intended to provide a categorization of the multiple  tasks involved in technology transfer and serve as taxonomy for classifying the subsequent lectures. Course Objectives
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Syllabus - AEM 122 Entrepreneurship and Life Sciences...

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