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AEM 241 Rusty Red Foundation -Graduated in ‘88 -Played Lacrosse -Worked on Wall Street for a stint -Family Man -Name came from the “rusty red” conference team. -50acres of vineyards -Strenuous process getting the label approved. -5013C corporation -expect people who like wine, the story and lacrosse to contribute through donations. -250x12 and 450x12 -shipments come every 6 th months -Tags - Looking for means on website to buy bottles or deliver -wine at Statler Seimiens Rouloffs -The number was Amy Macamamy who died on 9/11 1. Do you only ship in this area? a. No but there are certain states we are unable to ship to? 2. How are you getting the word out? a. A little bit of everything? 3. Do you have any plans for following up on ideas? a. Yes, a small news letter. 4. It’s more of a giving thing than anything else. 5. Work on Refer a Friend?
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Unformatted text preview: Distribute at reunion? 6. Where would you like to be in a year? a. Set up a rusty red foundation b. Have a set way for people to pay more than the listed price. 7. What is the suggested retail price of a bottle? a. Don’t know but break even is about$20. 8. Try and find wine distributors who would be willing to ship wine for free who are already shipping their own wine. 9. Make it more Apparent that the funds will be going to more than Lacross. a. The proof will be in the implementation after the funds have been raised. b. Customize bottles. 10. San-ja-va-ze grape. Pronunciation. 11. Think of ways to appeal to each target market. a. One for the wine (understand the wine). b. One for the story(capture the heart). c. One for the Lacrosse player or athlete (drinking for a better cause). 12....
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