Component 3 (Promotional Tactics 2)_Notes

Component 3 (Promotional Tactics 2)_Notes - Promotion: We...

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Promotion: We have selected two promotional tactics for the Rusty Red Foundation: 1. Tactic 1 : Immediate Lacrosse Community Based Promotions : These promotional tactics will consist of alumni events sponsored by Rusty Red and advertising through a major lacrosse website. They will be tailored to past and current Lacrosse members and their families. 2. Tactic 2 : Philanthropic Alumni Event With Related Promotions: These promotional tactics will include establishing an internet presence outside of the initial website, advertising in a popular low cost NY based newspapers/ journals, press releases and newsletters leading up to a Philanthropic Alumni Event at the Cornell Club in NYC. Tactic 2- Philanthropic Alumni Event with Related Promotions: The Rusty Red Foundation is currently in the introductory stage of its product life cycle. This stage of a product is directly associated with high cost, low sales, and the need to create demand for the product by directly prompting the customers within the target market to try the product. The first tactic was targeted toward the immediate lacrosse community consisting of past and current players and their family members. H owever; for this company to succeed the target market must be expanded to include people outside of this immediate Lacross community and capture the market of general Cornell alumni interested in good wine, athletics, and giving back. As previously stated we find that a large majority of Cornell Alumni reside in New Your City and the surrounding area after graduation. Therefore, a philanthropic event held at the Cornell Club in NYC will provide an appropriate venue capable of bringing many members of this market together.
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Component 3 (Promotional Tactics 2)_Notes - Promotion: We...

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