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Component 3 class_Outline

Component 3 class_Outline - Include budget of all cost •...

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Component 3 class outline: Paper Organization Product  o whatever you are  planning to do . The Web-site  Promotion  (inform and educate)(stress competitive differences) o Fully  develop  at least  two promotional tactics  for your objective o They should consist of  long term and short term  focused  tactics  (combination  of both advertising and promotion.) (ex. Send e-mail, need to know when, how  many and what would they say.) Long term- ads, psterss, mailings, website o Short Term-event based, ice cream social, workshops  (work in with the product  event.  Try to tie events together like Cornell club sponsoring Homecoming.) (use  Cornell Club)  Like the advertising shceme. Ex. Quarter cards, fundraising,  telemarketing…etc.) (idea: approach philanthropy chairs at the different fraternity  houses.) o Develop an  implementation  plan for both tactics Timeline List of all resources necessary to carry out each obj.
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Unformatted text preview: Include budget of all cost • Place o AEM’s/ CALS Admissions current methods of recruiting • Price (not necessary) • Tips o Describe how the new product/event service fits with the existing product o Explain in great detail o Make sure to include a long term and a short term o Be very specific in designing your tactics • Optional o executive summary (one page or less. Listing the purpose of the plan) 1 st paragraph- what is rusty red. What it is, what they hope to accomplish, and how they hope to accomplish o conclusions- should summarize your findings in a few paragraphs and be persuasive in nature. “ this is what we think you should do and this is why” Email Draft by Sunday at 3:00 pm Work session on Monday Team effort report and final due by Wednesday at 3:00...
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  • Spring '08
  • Cornell club, ex. Send e­mail, Long term­ ads, website Short Term­event, advertising shceme. Ex., approach philanthropy chairs

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