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AEM 241 Marketing Plan Development and Team Building Spring ‘08 Prof. Perosio Instructions for Completing COMPONENT 1 Company Description Situation Analysis Due Date Monday, Feb. 25 in the Red Box outside Wn 104 by 3:00 pm Assignment Overview There are three major sections that compromise the first phase of your marketing plan: 1. Company Description, 2. Strategic Focus and Plan and 3. Situation Analysis. To complete this you will need to conduct research about the business, the industry it is part of, and the current market it operates in. Class Concepts You Will Apply in Component 1 Marketing Orientation vs. Sales Orientation Boston Consulting Group Matrix Product-Market Classification Scanning the Marketing Environment Consumer Behavior Market Research Market Segmentation Your Assignment I. Company Description To complete this assignment you will need to answer the following questions. 1. Introduction What is the business? What is its history? Product definition – Include a general description of the various products. What benefit is it providing? Please use
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the BCG Matrix to illustrate the product line. Explain the BCG matrix. Problem definition – what, specifically, does the business
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Component_1_Problem_Set - AEM 241 Marketing Plan...

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