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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Rusty Red Foundation is a non profit philanthropic organization dedicated to providing student athletes with the opportunity to further their education and athletic careers through donations and profits generated from the sale of Rusty Red Wine. The target market of Rusty Red Wine consists of Cornell University alumni who currently reside in New York State. However, Rusty Red’s market for charitable donations is more broadly defined and includes lacrosse enthusiasts and supporters of athletics. Currently, Rusty Red’s primary focus is to create awareness among its target market while providing more efficient ways of distributing its product through the expansion of By May of 2009 The Rusty Red Foundation should have generated in excess of 100,000 dollars in profit as a direct result of the newly developed website features and related promotional tactics. Members of Rusty Red’s target market will have the option to make purchases and donations via The development of will also provide consumers with a resource to learn about the Rusty Red Foundation, make donations, purchase wine, and track Rusty Red’s financial and philanthropic progress. Moreover, Rusty Red’s presence at the Lacrosse Alumni Weekend coupled with other strong advertising schemes will further stimulate its target market creating greater awareness for its product and cause. Proper implementation of this marketing plan will enable Rusty Red to continually expand by establishing a more efficient way of operating. will also provide greater functionality and transparency to its customers, increasing overall customer loyalty. 1
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COMPANY DESCRIPTION Introduction Rusty Red is a wine-selling business founded by Joe Lizzio, a 1988 Cornell alumni and former Cornell Lacrosse player. Lizzio founded Rusty Red in 2008 when he began importing wine from his vineyard in Predappio, Italy. Due to his interest in lacrosse and philanthropy, he decided to found an organization in which he could contribute the proceeds from his wine sales to provide funding for community athletic projects and scholarships for student athletes. The name Rusty Red comes from the name of Lizzio’s lacrosse team, composed primarily of former college lacrosse players. “Red” refers to Cornell’s mascot “Big Red”, and “Rusty” refers to the older age of the men on the team. Rusty Red’s product is a red wine made from Sangiovese grapes, a variety of Italian grapes originating from Tuscany. Rusty Red wine contains 13.5% alcohol by volume and is sold in 750ml bottles. The wine comes in two varieties: regular and reserve, which is slightly higher quality than the regular. Rusty Red wine provides multiple benefits to its consumers as well. The proceeds from the sale of Rusty Red wine contribute directly to providing scholarships for student athletes. The wine itself provides a great tasting beverage and also contributes to the socialization of various alumni and others involved with the foundation. Additionally, Rusty Red
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