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Marketing_Plan_Component_3_Syllabus - AEM 241 Marketing...

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AEM 241 Marketing Plan Development and Team Building Prof Perosio Component 3 Grading Guide A. Product/Service (15 points) 1. Please describe your new product/service in detail. 2. Explain how this new product/service will “fit” into and enhance the existing product/service mix B. Promotion (50 points for the entire section) Note: when selecting and developing promotional tactics they must be sufficiently well thought that the business could implement them tomorrow without having to ask you for clarification. 1. Choose and fully develop 2 promotional tactics which will serve to advertise and promote the new product/service you are proposing. (15 points for each tactic) a. The following are some ideas to stimulate your thinking: ( NOTE: The tactics that you choose may come from one, several or all of the following categories - or additional categories that you may think of. The choice of appropriate tactics is directly determine by the specifics of your business and the objective that you have previously chosen.)
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