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Points of Difference_Essay

Points of Difference_Essay - efficient with regard to its...

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Points of Difference: Rusty Red’s primary points of difference within the market place lie in its association with such an esteemed University, the sense of community provided to its customers, and its mission to give back. According to a poll taken by US News, Cornell University is within the top 1% of Colleges and Universities worldwide. With that, Cornell provides a very strong alumni base within the Northeastern region of the US. Additionally, the foundation plans to provide substantial funding for Cornell’s student athletes in hopes promoting its strong traditions through outstanding athletics. Through the development of a more functional website, Rusty Red will become more
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Unformatted text preview: efficient with regard to its business operations while providing a medium through with customers can foster a sense of community. Customers will find it easier to place orders and make donations though the website. They will also be able to track where there donations are going through yearly post of player profiles. Lastly the website will have an open platform for communication between other customers and the company. With this Rusty Red should realize immense growth within its first few years and a strong body of return customers....
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