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AEM 424: Management Strategy Spring 2008 Professor: Daniel Simon Office: 354 Warren Hall; Phone #: 255-1626; email: [email protected] Administrative Assistant: Gail Keenan Office: 104 Warren Hall; phone #: 255-1602; email: [email protected] Office Hours: 2:00-4:00 on Thursday, and by appointment (email Gail) Teaching Assistants: Annelies Deuss (ad328) and Fahran Robb (fkr2); office hours TBA Course Website: . I will post assignments and announcements on the course website. In addition, I will post lecture slides on the course website, generally the evening before class. I encourage you to print out these slides (3, 4, or 6 to a page), bring them to class, and take notes on them. All students must register on the website in order to access the materials posted there. Moreover, all students must be registered on the course website to receive grades for assignments. Students will not receive credit for completed assignments if they have not registered on the course site. Required Course Packets: Two course packets are available for purchase from the bookstore. The first includes readings and cases that we will discuss in class. The second is a case study that will provide the basis for your group project. Course Overview: The purpose of this course is to expose students to the issues surrounding management of a large corporation. The course will integrate elements of other functional areas including marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, decision-making, etc. It will draw on many ideas from microeconomics. Course Objectives: AEM  has adopted learning goals that we hope each student achieves while  getting a degree from our program. Each individual course will not cover all learning goals;  however, through your program of study you should be able to improve your knowledge and  skills across all learning goals.  AEM Learning Goals This course contributes to the following AEM learning goals: Develop effective communication skills X Attain analytical and functional competency in basic business and economic skills X Demonstrate ability to solve practical business and economic problems and make an impact in real world and society X Develop skills to be critical consumers of business and economic information and research X ACADEMIC INTEGRITY 1
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This course is governed by the Cornell Academic Integrity Code, which is available at: http:/ Please familiarize yourself with this code if you have not already done so. All work assigned in this class is considered an individual assignment unless otherwise specifically stated. While you may study together with others in preparing the assignments, you must turn in your own assignments, written in your own words, and not copied from another student or any other source. Similarly, everything you write on exams must be in your own words and not copied from
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Syllabus_spring_08_Syllabus - AEM 424 Management Strategy...

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