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A. Product/Service (15 points) 1. Please describe your new product/service in detail. 2. Explain how this new product/service will “fit” into and enhance the existing product/service mix Rusty Red will develop a well structured website where customer, donors, and those who are interested in the product can find more information about it. There will be many features created for the website. The homepage will display the logo and a brief history of Rusty Red. There will be a panel of links that include About Rusty Red, News, Place an Order, Make a Donation, Contact Info , and Member Log-In . The link to About Rusty Red will provide the viewer with a more detailed story of the founding of Rusty Red, describe the philanthropic aspect of the business towards athletics, display the mission statement and state the long term goals of the business. News will include the latest updates on the progression of the business such as new locations where the wine populate, money raised for the cause, events sponsored by Rusty Red, and etc. The tab,
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241_comp3_LC (laura component 3)_Solutions - A...

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