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Study Questions for Disney For Homework #6, please answer questions 1 and 2 (maximum two pages). 1. Describe Disney’s corporate strategy during the 1990s. How is Disney trying to create synergy? (i.e., what type of synergy or economies of scope is Disney trying to create?). 2. Beyond its corporate strategy, what does Disney do to try and create synergy among its units? That is, what organizational structures and mechanisms has Disney put in place to try and promote positive spillovers/linkages between business units? Do these efforts to promote synergy also add costs and/or create negative spillovers across business units?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Why do you think that Disney licenses its merchandise rather than produce in house? 4. Using the data provided in the case, assess whether or not the acquisition of ABC has created value (synergy). If you could gather more data to answer this question, what kinds of data would you gather, and what would you do with them? 5. As the case ends at the end of 2000, are there any business units which you believe should not be owned by Disney, and if so, why? Are there new areas that you think Disney should diversify into, and if so, why?...
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