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Key Idea Threads Fitness/Training Health Awareness Active Lifestyle Derivations Fitness / Training There is a large portion of the US population that works out in some sense of the word, at least once a week. Everything from regular running/jogging/walking to lifting weights and swimming fall under the category of fitness and training. Within each of the areas there is a concrete need and market for tools to enhance each workout and increase its efficiency and productivity. Specifically, our product will fulfill such objectives by acting as one's very own, portable, and productive personal trainer. Health Awareness With one of the number one causes of death in America being obesity, people of all ages are becoming more and more health conscious. Restaurants have been revamping their menus and there has currently been a push by certain regulators for all products to carry some form of nutritional information. Despite this assistance from regulators and restaurants many people still find it hard to eat right all the time. Either it being convenience or a lack of information about the foods we consume we found most consumers could always use some extra help in keeping them on a healthy track. Active Lifestyle The need for and pursuit of an active or more active lifestyle by such an abundance of US citizens presently goes hand in hand with the very recent and spreading epidemic of obesity. The primary cause of this lies not solely in the hands of poor eating habits, but coincides directly with an overall decrease of activity, and in many cases, a totally sedentary lifestyle. In an effort to combat such ill-effects, people have been making a more conscious effort to be active. Once the
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Key Idea Threads_Notes - Key Idea Threads Fitness/Training...

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