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Location visited: Dunkin Doughnuts (Green St.) Time of Day: 2:35pm (Tuesday) Scenario/reason for visit: Grabbing something to eat/drink in a hurry Goal of visit: I wanted to understand where and how Dunkin Doughnuts thought it could reposition itself into Starbuck’s market. Any specific requests while in store: N/A What was your first impression when you entered the store? Sight: In comparison to Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts was very bright in terms of lighting and wall colors. Smell: Smelt more of hot food than it did coffee: breakfast sandwiches and doughnuts Sound: The music was much more prominent than the music played at Starbucks. (It may have been b/c there was no one in the store to drown out the sound. Feel: I was really cold and the environment wasn’t very welcoming like Starbucks. It was more saying “buy something and leave” rather than “buy something and stay a while” Were there people in the store? If yes, what were they doing? No one else was in the store. Describe the ordering process:
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Project_2_Site_Visit_Observation_DD_Problem_Set_Solution -...

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