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Location visited: Starbucks (College Town) Time of Day: 1:55pm Scenario/reason for visit: Grabbing something to eat/drink in a hurry Goal of visit: Try to understand the hype surrounding Starbucks and the image its brand conveys Any specific requests while in store: N/A What was your first impression when you entered the store? Sight: Fairly crowded for this time of day. They weren’t busy per say; there were just a number of people lounging and studying in the store. Of the 30 to 40 people in the store, there were only 3 in line when I walked in. They don’t appear to get a lot of turnover in restaurant terms. Smell: It smelled of roasted coffee beans Sound: Very low music was playing in the background. The sound was so subtle it took a while to realize it was even playing. Mainly all I could hear were the various conversations of people around me and punches on keyboards. Feel: Artsy, Sophisticated, Warm, Pretentious
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This homework help was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course AEM 444 taught by Professor Sevilimeduraj during the Fall '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Project_2_Site_Visit_Observation_Problem_Set_Solution -...

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