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Assignment Please be prepared to discuss this in class on Monday, 10/20/2008. In Dan Hesse's presentation, he said that every action we take as managers can be seen as either a withdrawal from or deposit to our brands. He didn't explain it any further, so it doesn't really matter if you saw him or not. But he did say that the Brand was more important to him in his overall priorities at Sprint than Profit. Questions: 1. What do you think he meant by "every action we take as managers can be seen as either a withdrawal from or deposit to our brands"? I think it was a very simple statement stressing the importance of managers to make sound, well thought out decisions because even the slightest negative action may have a tremendous affect on the perception or brand of the company.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What difference do you think it would make to the development process we have been discussing for the past several weeks? I’m not technically sure what “it” is referring to. However, if “it” refers to my answer above, I believe “it” would cause managers to be more aware of the decisions they make each and every day, both large and small. 3. Would you like to work for someone who feels that way? Why or why not? I’m not sure why I would be against working for someone who what to establish accountability for actions made pertaining to the company. I believe any successful person would agree with the idea that our actions as managers have a direct impact on the company’s overall image....
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