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- Public Relations: the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics o To create a hospitable enviroment - Characteristics to define P.R. o Deliberate It is intentional It is designed to influence To gain understanding To provide information To obtain feedback o Planned Organized Well thought-out process resulting in a systematic effort to solve the problem through research and analysis o Performance Success or failure is based on organizational performance Perform poorly, expect public animosity o public interest align organizational self-interest with the public’s interest P.R. actively needs to be mutually beneficial to organizations and public o two way communication no longer one-way dissemination of information solicit feedback o management functions] public relations is more than simply the dissemination of information counseling/solving problems o know the list deliberate planned performance public relations two-way communications management function NOT ONE-WAY - Flack/flak: a derisive slang term that journalists often use for press agents or anyone else working in public relations. Was found in Variety in 1939 as a synonym for press agent correlating it with the performer Gene Flack. Others find the term to come from WWI where the term “flak” referred to the heavy fire aimed at aircraft, implying that new releases from P.R. agents are flak being aimed at journalists. -
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- Spin Doctor: the term originated during Reagan’s campaign in William Safire’s “Political Dictionary”, the term spin was restricted to the unethical and misleading activities of political campaign consultants but by the 1990’s the term spin began to describe all P.R. efforts - Publicity: disseminating planned messages through selected media to further the organization’s interested. In colonial times the Boston Tea Party was a huge publicity stunt. o
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comm370exam1review - Public Relations the deliberate...

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