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Visual Culture - Understanding the world and how it works through pictures and visualization rather than words o Visual is always contaminated or influenced by non-visual (thoughts, beliefs, ideas) o Every day things we encounter are visual media- tv, architecture, advertising, film, media - cultural imperialism- the practice of promoting one nation in another nation, particularly a smaller nation o Americanized ads altered to appeal to the consumers of that culture - Advertising- a form of propaganda, information present to serve a particular agenda, usually not fair o ex. present ideas using glamour and sex symbols when has nothing to do with product being sold o distorted view of reality - Television- reality tv, talk shows, soaps, sit-coms o In 1983 over 50 corporations had control of the nations media, now it is 5 corporations - Visual Culture and Democracy- freedom of choice and un-conflicting and unbiased view points o Freedom from disinformation, freedom to seek your own info - Resistance - fighting against visual culture’s affect to sway/ brainwash o Adbusters who raise awareness to consumers- make mock advertisements o No logo- information on the global impacts of consumption - Landscape as Text o Landscapes are shaped by individuals or groups “writers” and are experienced by individuals “readers” o Semiotics: the practice of reading and writing “signs”- messages, codes, signals embedded in the landscape to be interpreted - Deconstruction - French philosopher Jacques Derrida o Texts can be analyzed for disclosure about culture (class, race. Gender. Sexuality) o Read both what was written and unwritten Like reading between the line, figure out what they were really trying to tell you - deconstruction advertising o selling a product o selling an image appeal to a particular identity change the message depending on the medium or crowd
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geog124studyguid1exam2[1] - Visual Culture Understanding...

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