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Econ 4730 F2008 (8/29/2008) Outline for the lecture on 8/29/2008 It is the common wish of economists to predict Which economy can achieve What rate of growth, When, and How? Simple as this sounds, no theory is entirely satisfactory for these questions. The best one can do is to proceed step-by-step. First, decide the issues The dynamics of income across economies Second, choose concepts useful for analysis Relative per capita realincome (repcri) Third, get the measurements relevant for the question: The distributions of repcri over 4 decades Postscript Wan (2008) The outliers in catching up (East Asians) Postscript Wan (2008) Fourth, generate hypotheses relative to the facts The benchmark model for comparative statics of the distribution of the repcri
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 1, Wan (2004) The outlier status of the East Asians in growth and openness. Article 2, Wan (2006) Fifth, reconcile the results with existing theory Both macro <saving behavior> Article 2, Wan (2006) And micro. <learning from trading> Ch. 1, Wan (2004) Sixth, take the perspective of economic history <technology, politics after WWII> Ch. 1, Wan (2004) Seven, search record again for similarities (Europe) Happenings at the rim of EU (Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain Ireland, Finland; Poland, Czechlands, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania) Eighth, inquire what does that imply for theory <time paths> Ch. 1, Wan (2004)...
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