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Comm. 370.1 Exam #2 Study Sheet Things you should know: Media Relations Pyramid style of writing (???) - Inverted pyramid (upside down triangle) - The most important facts are found at the beginning Interviews and where they should take place, how long they should be Why participate in an interview - to answer questions (duh) - to achieve a communication objective of your own (important) - to balance out the critic’s message What makes something newsworthy? - It is unusual - Affects the people, the more people, the more newsworthy (Deaths? Layoffs?) - If it is secretive (inside track?) - has to do with conflict, either internal or external (internal is better news) - deals with mistakes (friendly fire) What is a communications objective? - a simple, plain language statement that you want to get across no matter what - it is the key to success - without one you are at the reporter’s mercy - geared not to reporter, but the reporter’s audience - the point you want to get across and to the public What is a “typical” reporter? - likely to be the troop, not the commander - has a mission - usually purports to “have the people’s perspective - a generalist, not a specialist o doesn’t know your job, doesn’t care; doesn’t know technical terms o if you work for the military, probably has no background at all - knows how to ask the tough questions - probably well educated and liberal Rules of engagement for media interviews - the ground rules - establish the subject of the interview - establish the subjects not open for discussion
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comm370Exam2Review - Comm 370.1 Exam#2 Study Sheet Things...

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