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Econ 4730 F2008 (10/15/2008) Take Home Part C Econ 4730 F2008 Take Home Prelim (Part C) (Answer SUCCINCTLY ) IV. (15%) Compare the development strategies between Korea and Singapore, regarding (a) Labor relations (for Korea both before and after 1987) (b) Foreign investment in the economy (for Korea both before and after 1998) (c) Government’s means in influencing capital formation. V. (10%) Compare the government’s role and industrial performance of Hong Kong and Taiwan in (a) the textiles sector, and (b) the information technology sector. finis Instructions on answering take home test – 1. One may choose between THREE options:
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Unformatted text preview: Problems I, II, III or, Problems I, II, IV, V or, Problems I, III, IV, V. (If one answers more than 100%, then only the earlier problems with 100% weights will be graded) 2. Length – At most 10 pp. A 50% Problem: no more than 5 pp A 25% Problem: no more than 2 ½ pp A 15% Problem: no more than 1 ½ pp A 10% Problem: no more than 1 page. PLEASE Kindly REPLY Problems in their natural order (eg. Problem I before other problems, etc.) 3. Transmission – To Ms. Paulette Carlisle ([email protected]) 4. Date – Before 11/8/2008. Correction. Problem III Kellor (2002) not (2003). Also Lipsey – Sjoholm is on Bb....
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