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Econ 4730 F 2008 (10/8/2008) Take Home Part B Econ 4730 F2008 Take Home Prelim (Part B) (Answer SUCCINCTLY ; instruction for submission pending ) II. Regarding the trade-development nexus: (1) (9%) Find the precise citations of case histories in Wan (2004), where from (a) the experience of Taiwanese producers of bicycles, and (b) Latin American exporters of apparels, as well as (c) the opinion of an authority in economic development from Korea, one can conclude that where the foreign clients are located matters for a country to improve technology through exporting activities . (2) (5%) This seems to explain one of the three patterns of the 4 NIEs recognized by Lucas (2003) (See the book review of Wan in 2004 (‘Wan on Lucas’ on Bb)). Discuss. (3) (5%) Compare the line of reasoning with the approval of Lucas on the Stokey – Young view. (4) (6%) Describe and comment on the research design of Wolfgang Kellor (2003) in Journal of Economic Growth, 7: 1, in view of the
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Unformatted text preview: case histories discussed above. III. Regarding the RDI-development nexus: (1) (15%) Find the cited case histories in Wan (2004), where from the impact of (a) an American producer of sewing machines in Taiwan on Taiwanese producer of sewing machines, (b) a German producer of camera in Singapore on American producer of computer hard drives in Singapore, and (c) American producer of electronics in Malaysia on Malaysian producer of mechanical parts of computers, (d) American producer of car radio in Hong Kong to Hong Kong producer of digit watches, and (e) American and German joint ventures producing electric products in Japan to Japanese firms with the same product lines. (2) (5%) Describe the research design of empirical studies on the FDI-development nexus surveyed by Lipsey and Sjoholm (2006). (3) (5%) Which, if any, of the relationship in the above five cases histories can be detected using the above described research design ?...
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