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Week 15 - Don_Notes

Week 15 - Don_Notes - Hillary Clinton be more Napoleonic in...

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Hillary Clinton be more Napoleonic in her foreign policy decisions or fight to preserve the Holy Alliance? 82 Lowi: This chapter is about foreign policy and describes the players, values, instruments, and role nations play in the process. The most important player is the President, who usually has little foreign policy experience, but is Commander and Diplomat in Chief of the US. He helps his cause by focusing one message or face to the international community. He is helped by members of the bureaucracy such as the state dept, CIA, defense dept. etc. The bureaucracy has more power than many would think, because although its members get less spotlight, they have enormous expertise in their area, and are more than just appointed cronies. With less influence than the two previous institutions we arrive at the Congress. The main power of Congress comes from approving the cabinet and launching investigations. While they technically have power of
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