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9_9_Notes - distance between form(what should be done and...

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-state becomes important in 18 th and 19 th century (source of authority). America wanted to be as stateless as possible. State must be seen as legitimate to be followed. Articles of Confederation US became republic as British left these people were a rebel nation as british subjects. Rebels against our own king. Bend Sinnister a symbol on state with bastard ties to another one illegitimate founding. Articles of confederation gave states lots of power and congress couldn’t do anything about it. Second republic their rebellion was locals vs. locals. 1787 Constitution was devised (but they were chartered only to fix articles of confederation). Second bastardation. Federalist papers were op-ed pieces of short duration arguing for constitution. Legitimacy distance from form to reality, by being transparent your legitimacy is shown to be weakened. Every state the product of coup d’ etat don’t want to be overtaken by another rebellion. Illegitimate war in Iraq
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Unformatted text preview: distance between form (what should be done) and reality. Revolution became a myth for better predisposition of legitimacy. Overcome the Bend Sinnister. US founders used contact (2 people who expect net gain). Americans made social contract and would hold approval until they get deal. Appeal to people’s self interest and possibilities as all were literate because everyone read the bible. Power holders put limits on themselves for what they give. Constitution is series of constraint Bill of rights was additional constraints to gov. Appeal to some people’s self interest. Three principals to divide constitution into. Vertical highest state vs. lower govs (federalism), horizontal (), concentric citizenship vs. state power. Federalism most important than other 2 methods. Articles didn’t give national gov. enough power....
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