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Socialism requires preemptive strategic takeover of certain industries. United States Stateism. Most of the time the state protects private property. Once upon a time government did patronage stuff. Played a role as a state building this an entrepreneur could not. FDR promised to balance budget, most important transformation was congressional to presidential government. Lincoln became constitutional dictator. Other than war Presidents didn’t have anything to do. Just ceremonial duties. Social complexity theory and national security theory are both cogent. Both theories are insufficient. Third theory makes other 2 more meaningful parables of the loaves: before just gets wonder bread, but discussed the choice at home trouble he had choosing bread. If you are given discretion to make a choice you are responsible for the outcome. When decisions are
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Unformatted text preview: collective then collective responsibility. In each instance Congress didn’t have time to debate, most just broad mandates. Economic stabilization act of 1970 complained about it but enforced it. President authorized to issue orders to stabilize prices, wages to prevent gross inequities. Enormous amount of discretion in Presidents hands. New deal institutionalized as Eisenhower accepted all of new deal, being the center of attention. 1964-1973 New frontier is bigger than new deal committed legiscide but thousands of cuts. Delegated more and more power to president. IRS one of the best bureaucracies founded by Nixon to get al the tax revenues America completed. By end of Nixon’s term legiscide complete. Congress could take away power from Presidents by being more specific....
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