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10_22 section_Notes

10_22 section_Notes - unequal rules then people can move...

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Lowi text- 9 people who support every trigger puller US would eclipse defense spending for every other country. 2/3 as many members of department of defense members as members of military. How did Lowi define bureaucracies- rule by desks. Why hate? Slow inefficient, government waste. Overview of federal bureaucracy- agencies for maintenance of nation, regulatory agencies, bureaucrats want to increase their power besides for just working naturally getting bigger over time. Can reduce overhead in private contractors, but bureaucrats give you more open accountability. States have
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Unformatted text preview: unequal rules then people can move from one to the other. Agencies are almost legislatures themselves. Congress can set timelines and benchmarks for the bureaucracy. Wilson & Wilson- reducing inefficiency can get rid of services. No incentive to save money or cut costs. Hard to fire lower level bureaucrats like battalion commanders. Posner- Reorganization of intelligence after Saddam. Surprise attacks are very difficult to prevent. Failure in a democracy always requires a scapeoat....
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