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11-4-08_Notes - When things are close tendency for fraud is...

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When things are close tendency for fraud is close, so democracy benefits from landslide. Takes a lot to live down 2000 illegitimacy. Among 500,000 offices to be filled none of them are national and all parties are coalitions of state parties. Legitimacy could kill itself by stuff going on in 2000. Coalition is a definite and chosen unstable relationship (association of people coming together with no commitment to make it internal- contingent). Some coalitions last a long time only 3 since 1860. 1. Lincoln 2. Roosevelt 3. Reagan. Getting nomination requires positioning and not policies. What do President have in common: Lincoln, Harding, FDR etc. (each instance person who got nomination was most widely second choice). George W. not talked very much about being President seriously. George Bush was least favored governor. Lincoln was like Obama 1860 ran against Seward and PA governor in delegate support. Lincoln in 3 rd place Seward was way ahead in delegate count (hand selected by party leaders) was known for being strong
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