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11_6_Notes - Bradley effect less accustomed to women than...

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Bradley effect less accustomed to women than black male leadership in today’s society. Economics crisis had big breakdown for GOP, and was based on a religious argument. 4. Will US move to left (no we aren’t). Mussolini invented corporatism. 5. Obama unskilled in foreign affairs? Yes, but so have most Presidents. 6. Political philosopher says Obama is post-modern? Post-present we don’t know where we are. Take religion out of politics. Public policy is ideology. All great coalitions rise and fall over policies. Ideology rationalizes political action. Coalition collapsed from within. Adam Smith denigrated during depression, and GOP disgraced by national and world collapse. FDR ran on a balanced budget ticket. Gov. grew like hell. Supply and demand was being disproven, and agenda of new deal was hegemonic. Agenda of new coalition was powerful and hegemonic. Eisenhower wanted to put end to creeping socialism. Not one single new deal program terminated during Eisenhower. Didn’t try to cancel one. Democrats just as pro-
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