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11_11_Notes - Reagan one of top 5 Presidents for his...

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Reagan one of top 5 Presidents for his coalition. Faustian bargain kept together Southern and Northern Democrats. Southern Dems keep groups in their place. Reagan coalition (pre-Regan) coming together of Protestants and Catholics, because Protestants said to whom are Catholic loyal Washington or the Vatican? Moral majority gave evangelicals and Faldwell encouraged them to read the bible. During Sunday mornings radio is shut down, so there is less competition on Sundays. Regan was most favorable second choice. Catholics and Protestants agreed on social issues. Christianity fighting against war and abortion. Conservatives see they should set up think tanks in Washington as Washington was infringing upon state police laws. Regan not too religious but was trusted and was not a user of religion. Carter made a point of his own religiosity. Regan followed in Neo- classical model, pro-capitalism like Lincoln (didn’t appeal to religion). True liberalism is Adam Smith operating by greed, Catholics didn’t even allow debt for a while. Called
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