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11_13_Notes - mixture of yours and God’s work is yours to...

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Contradictory aspect of coalition dynamic is faith based moral issues. Not fuzzy about conception when life begins, very hard edge. Patterns of coalitions becoming hegemonic when they get people into power. Right wing accused John McCain of blundering his campaign. States do all the governing States enforce almost all laws besides for like kidnapping and treason. What governments do enforce laws by coerison. Job is to tell us what to think about. Everybody loves government some of the time. Almost everyone supports gov. in bailing out economy. Socialists believe that capitalism ruins the character out of greediness. Parable of the beans primitive time just barter which is harder. Emptiness creates crime, when there are very few people danger of getting robbed or killed higher. Need functional prerequisites to have a market. Provision for law and order: there has to be a pacification of domain. Provision for private property by Locke is
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Unformatted text preview: mixture of yours and God’s work is yours to do whatever you want, and it is the one natural law. Private property can’t be interfered with by the state. You give the state consent and obedience and get protection trespass laws and give serious punishment by the state makes private property a real thing. 3. Provisions for the exchange of property (exchange) have to have enforceable contract that can be taken to court. Need to have common measurements and language to have a set exchange. Contracts came from generations of dealing with people from a distance. Chinks are terrible about contracts as they have less practice. 4. Provision for public goods (mosquito infested house) swamp will never be drained if everyone on their own because people can free ride. Privatizing military has been a disaster. Toll helps finance highways by getting out of state cars to pay as well....
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