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11_20 lecture_Notes

11_20 lecture_Notes - Lowi doubts that interventions in 30s...

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Lowi doubts that interventions in ‘30’s are as big as they are today, and when we have had recessions states come in and save our economy. Govts try to protect patents of citizens when there aren’t recessions. Consulates help American businesses working in other countries. More intervention the more you should be a critic of it, govt. is omnipresent but we should rationally evaluate it. Social policy is used by critics to defame economic policy. Social policy is more concerned with the distribution of wealth and non-systemic policies like who should be poor? Taxation has always been one of the largest parts of the budget. All taxes are discriminatory so govt. has to figure out who will pay the taxes. You need a policy to determine who the burden should land on. John Swift on taxation: 1 st prof. said put tax on folly. 2 nd let a man asses it on himself. There is no tax that is just. Income tax very good for revenue but not a social policy until 1930’s. Graduated income tax rate goes up as you are in a higher income, aimed at
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