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61 Faction-people brought together by common interests whether they be for the good of overall society or not. Can either destroy liberty or give everyone the right to be in a faction. Every man has different beliefs. In the US people are divided by class. (492) Madison oversimplifies. Only relief is to control the effects of factions. Can’t just hope on morality and religion. Perfect democracy the majority can’t be checked, which is why they fail (493). A republic allows partriotic caretakers to guide us through the storm (494). Large Republic will make it harder for nefarious politicians to be elected. Extend sphere and more parties and interests make it harder to get a majority. (495) Need a large republic 53 Decline of Collective responsibility Without strong parties single interest groups are being served rather than large coalitions. (410) losing responsibility in politics. Congresspeople blame others for what is going on and we need collective responsibility. (411) hold parties accountable when legislation is bad would raise the stakes in politics.
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