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ch. 7_Notes - Bureaucracy blamed for inefficiency but after...

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Bureaucracy blamed for inefficiency but after 9/11 everyone wanted the federal gov. to take over airport security. When we approve of something we call it an administration when we disapprove it is a bureaucracy. Administration is simply a broad word for bureaucracy. Core of bureaucracy is division of labor. Organization is established as a pyramid. Once created very hard to get rid of bureaucracies as interest groups and public latch on. Main job of bureaucracy is implementation legislature and executive are principals and bureaucrats are agents. Interpretation bureaucrats carry out what they believe are the intentions of their superiors. Rule making Public informed of new rules and if agency is not sued they are published in the federal registar and have the force of law. Administrative adjudication agency takes rules and applies them and punishment case by case NLRB is an example. Freedom of information act makes bureaucrats much more accountable then private bureaucrats. Bureaucracies enhance efficiency and are instruments of policy implementation. Politicans find it easy to allow the bureaucracy to take responsibility for tough decisions. Bureaucracies divided into cabinets (dept. of agriculture), independent agencies (set up by congress and appointed by pres. NASA, EPA). Government businesses (post office and AMTRAK). Independent regulatory commissions established by Congress: FTA, FCC Clientele agencies directed by law to foster the interests of their clientele like labor or agriculture. Agencies for maintenance of the union 1. Revenue agencies: IRS, 2. Agencies for internal security: Dept. of Justice Homeland Security. 3. Agencies for external security: State and defense State deals with business intelligence and legal issues abroad. Defense
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ch. 7_Notes - Bureaucracy blamed for inefficiency but after...

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