Art 101 Midterm Review

Art 101 Midterm Review - Exam Review Be able to define,...

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Exam Review Be able to define, explain or identify the following principles of 2D design. 1. Shape : An area having specific character defined by an outline, or by contrast of color, value or texture with the surrounding area 2. Figure : Any positive shape or form noticeably separated from the background 3. Ground : The surface of a 2-dimensional design that acts as the background. The ground orients the viewer in space by the contrast and relationships that exist with the figure. 4. Positive Space Any shape or object perceived as occupying space. 5. Negative Space Areas perceived as blank, surrounding positive space 6. Focal point The area of an artwork where the eye is most compellingly drawn. 7. Scale The size of a shape in relationship to other shapes and to its surroundings. (Ex. object scale, human scale, monumental). 8. Proportion The comparison of elements to one another in terms of their properties of size, quantity or degree of emphasis. Proportion may be expressed in terms of a definite ratio such at “twice as big” or may be more loosely indicated in such expressions as “darker than’ or “more neutralized” or “more important than” 9. Repetition A method used to re-emphasize visual units again and again in a marked pattern. The binding of a work of art by reiteration. 10. Unity All component parts of a work of art are combined in such a way that the final result is a whole. 11. Balance Equilibrium of all contributing parts in a work of art to create unity.
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12. Symmetry Regular shapes whose left and right halves are mirror images. An invisible straight line, an axis , divides the shape equally. 13. Asymmetry Not symmetrical or -Visual control of contrasts through a “felt” equilibrium between parts of a picture or design, rather than strict symmetry – to create balalnce. 14. Radial
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Art 101 Midterm Review - Exam Review Be able to define,...

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