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govt 2_Notes - Congress checks president while in...

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Congress checks president while in parliaments prime minister has majority. Article I section 8 has purse strings and war funding. Recently congress has surrendered military authority. Each member’s primary responsibility is to the district. Some see themselves as delegates do the will of the people. Trustees feel they have been selected to do what they think is “right.” Agency representation electorate has rights to hire and fire representative. Works best if representatives are ambitious and the public knows what is going on. House rules give leaders more control over process and allow members to specialize in certain legislative areas. House everyone in committees and floor votes on committee proposals. Senators are less specialized as they have broader constituency. Constant reelections in house make them focus on specific things. Senate is saucer that cools the tea. Senate less partisan as they want to offend as few as possible. Raising funds used to be barrier for women running for office. Franking privilege helps incumbents and creates a professional legislature. Casework is working on specific problems for one’s constituency. Might try to influence decisions by regulatory commissions for example. Pork barrel legislation allows for patronage or bringing home the bacon to district. Pork popular as opposed to standardized appropriations to districts so members look like movers and shakers. 95% of house members and 90% of Senators get re-elected. Sophmore surge legislators win by bigger majorities in second run, as it is easier for them to raise funds. Advantage of incumbency stops strong challengers from running, maybe that is why Congress has few women and blacks. Every 10 years state legislatures redraw districts to reflect population changes. Gerrymandering when done for political purposes. 2 major parties spend lots of money in state legislative and gubernatorial elections before redistricting. Congressmen cater to those who can help them in the next election, Because legislatures only get 1 ote per issue they trade votes on proposals dear to their hearts. Simply learning about all the issue is very time consuming. Parties are vehicles of collective action for legislators sharing common policy objectives, and for elections back home. The House majority party elects speaker and majority leader, while minorities select minority leader. Both parties also elect whips. Parties can use committee assignments as rewards and punishments when it is sought by more than 1 member. Senate president pro-tempore is ceremonial leadership oldest member of majority party,
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govt 2_Notes - Congress checks president while in...

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