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Hypothetically, if 20% of Congressional voters were to cast their ballots for the Green Party and that party failed to win a majority in any district, although that faction’s ideology was clearly endorsed by a minority of the national electorate, no representation will be given. Besides for being unrepresentative, the two major factions that are created can and do extend beyond Congress, which violates the principals of Separation of Powers, designed to prevent tyranny. In Federalist 51 Madison indicates the branches of government will check each other saying, “ambition must be made to counteract ambition” (A40). How is Madison’s assertion practical if all three branches are trying to advance only two factions (9/23)? How impartial, in the case of an impeachment trial, can a majority GOP Supreme Court be to a Republican President? While all government officials must take an oath to the Constitution, if parties provide the connections to advancement (9/23), I argue that it is impossible to determine where someone’s allegiance may lie. In essence, the
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