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Chapter 5 (181) whites and latinos have been added to the mix. Should minorities go it alone or do they need to form groups to counter minority status? (182) success for one group may imply a reduced probability for that of another. Groups equal in power may see eachother as the greates threat. (183) 4 basis on which biracial coalitions can be formed. 1. Must recognize self interests. 2. Each party must believe there is a benefit. 3. Each party must have decisionmaking power. 4. Must keep goals in mind. Groups form for interests or ideology? (184) good examples of why coalitions between blacks and Hispanics failed. (185) blacks and latinos can get together the best cause neither believe the other is racist. (186) in city politics black and latinos gain power at the expense of whites. Latinos get less gov. work as blacks get more. (188) LA more welcoming to blacks than Hispanics. 1920’s white Protestants tried to make LA a white religious town. Housing segregation was allowed. This created the ghettos that are here today. Blacks
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