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We the people not we the states like a prince and his subjects giving them some rights so they can be ruled. Bend sinister sent by states not the people. Did this to supercde states. If we want a splendid gov. could still be part of Britain. For power should we give up liberties? State legislatures and judges must swear allegiance to US. Federal gov. controls army. Reader readings: 6 adopted constitution for Rousseau’s social contract theory 1762. “federalists need energy and stability in gov.” Continued slavery. Locke “liberty of man in society is to be under no other legislative power but that established by consent.” Bill of rights, but what about rights not specified. Judges a lot of power in interpreting constitution. (58) ’33 high tariff for NE hurt SC. (58 state constituion hundreds of pages long, while federal short). Federalist 15: No troops, treasury, nor government. Is gaining respect from foreigners equivalent to protection. No enforcement of states to act. Must be punishment for
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