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Bio 100 Final Review - Final Exam Review Questions...

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Final Exam Review Questions Biotechnology PCR stand for: polymerase chain reaction Why do PCR? When u have a very small amount of initial dna sample, but not enough to fully analyze it Steps of PCR: (1) _denature (2)_annealing_ ?spelling?____ (3) extension_______ What goes in a PCR reaction? (1) _3 nucleotides_____ (2) _dna polymerase_____ (3) _sample dna_____ (4) _primers_____ If you start out with 1 copy of your target DNA, how many will you have after 4 PCR cycles? ___ A plasmid is a ___ycircular piece of dna that is easily picked up by bacteria__________ What is a “Cloning Vector”? Piece of dna that u insert ur clone dna in Why is insulin a biotechnology story? What does a restriction enzyme do? Cuts dna at a specific sequence If I say I transformed a plasmid into a bacteria, what happened? The bacteria picks it up What kind of DNA variation do crime labs use? Simple sequence repeats
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Evolution and Ecology Evolution True or False: Individuals evolve. false Our DNA is most similar to that of a _chimps________ What is a Vestigial Structure? Sumthing left over from evolutionary past
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