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28 President must adopt a moral underpinning to power, or no power at all. Easy for media to cover President as there is just one. Government has been divided more than 60% of the time. Live in a separatist society. Depends on his resources, advantages, and strategic position. Dominant perspective is that of party government with President at top. Party system succeeds when one party chosen president and that ideology is carried in congress as well. But he cannot fix everything as people naturally disagree. Alternative perspective Desire to propose new programs halted by efforts already working in Congress. Who should get credit for a policy those who prosopose it, or the implementers. Hard to judge accountability because of Constitutional roadblocks. When bipartisan support there is no accountability. Presidents are not equally good at recognizing their advantages. Going public doesn’t necessarily influence Congress. If bad bureaucrats how can you judge policy? Most presidents aim to get stuff done not be
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