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21 Burke advocates for a trustee role. Owes you more than doing your wishes, he owes you his judgment. Why should the people decide when they do not hear the arguments and debate. Don’t compete against other counties and representatives, but form one nation. 22 Burke argues opposite of Myhew that politicians just want to be reelected. Akk members of Congress can take credits for accomplishments as they compete in different markets. All members get staff and franking privilege. Committees tend to become places for speech making and pursuance of plans regardless of party. Try to get member supported bills passed. Parties don’t force their members to vote a certain way, they say just follow your constituents. Roe v Wade States can only place limits on abortions if it has a compelling interest in the matter. Is a fetus protected by the 14
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Unformatted text preview: th amendment? Doesn’t include unborn because abortion legal after passage of 14 th amendment. After 1 st trimester states can regulate who can perform abortions. Abortion can only be banned when the fetus can live outside of the mother, Brown v Board of ed Separate but equal originally in transportation. Cant simply eamine every school and curriculum. Impossible for child to succeed without education.Creates a feeling of inferiority in Negro children. Separate is inherently unequal and violates ude process clause of 14 th amendment. Barron v Baltimore Established citizens have dual citizenship and rights of constitution don’t apply to the states. Any states could have changed their constitution to reflect the liberties in the Constitution. No hurisdiction for a state eminent domain case, protected slavery. Marbury v Madison...
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