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2. currently a ban on firearms at home without a permit, which has been denied to cops. Court of appeals overturns that ruling. 3 Cons says it is only for a militia. But only use interpretations understood by voters. 4 Prefatory and operative clause are linked, need operative clause. “(5) right of the people means individual rights, and not an unspecified subset.” (7) keep and bear arms (which meant the same thing in colonial times). 8 extends to arms unknown in 18 th century. 9 keep arms doesn’t necessarily have a militia context. 10-11 Ginsburg has agreed with this definition in the past. Justice Wilson declared it law of self-preservation (12) to have guns in the house. 12 only has military context if preposition is against. (13) illogicial idiom keep and bear weapons and be in military. Congressional records of bear arms flawed because what else would they talk about besides military. (15) example of bear arms unrelated to military service. 18 Keep and bear arms not a singular right but a group one. (18) not an art that solely implies military service (not used common enough to be an art). 19 Pre-existing right that is not to be infringed upon. (19) James II wanted his protestant enemied disarmed, but William and Mary declared that would never happen. 21 George III tried to disarm colonists in 1760’s and 70’s, but they said it was a common English right 21. 22 not guns for every reason like not speech for every reason. (23) assumes militia already in existence in Article I section 8 and Congress just has to regulate it. 23 militia used to mean all adult males. Federally organized militia is a subset of the militia. 24 makes large standing armies
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summaries for paper_notes - 2. currently a ban on firearms...

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