Two party system and polarization_Outline

Two party system and polarization_Outline - Government...

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Government 111-Question 3 Outline THIS QUESTION HAD A LOT OF INFORMATION AND WAS KIND OF CONFUSING SO BELOW ARE THE TEXTBOOK AND READER CHAPTERS SO YOU CAN CHECK IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS MISSING CHAPTER 9: Political Parties Reader: 55, 56, 57 Part 1: “America has had a two-party system, and yet the independent or “No Party” designation has become the leading affiliation claimed by citizens when they respond to polls or when they register to vote. At the same time, pundits and political scientists claim that America is becoming more politically polarized.” The above statement is basically suggesting that there has been a decline in the two-party system in the U.S. and simultaneously there is increased ideological polarization in the U.S. -Could these two developments be related? The system of government today is clearly becoming more polarized, therefore forcing many of the Americans to identify less with a specific party most likely because they have views coinciding with both parties The characteristics associated with each party are becoming more extreme, therefore when people don’t identify with all the party’s opinions they will register as an independent or in some situation will choose to not affiliate with any party Not surprisingly, people are still voting either democratic or republican because they don’t want to throw their vote away if they favor one party over another, or if one major party adopts the platform of the third party How one distinguishes him/herself when they are registering to vote is far different from
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Two party system and polarization_Outline - Government...

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