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1. Describe in detail a poor interaction you had as a customer. 2. Identify what went wrong (process, people, and/or props)? 3. Describe the process you'd implement, people you'd hire, or props you'd buy or invent to make sure customers receive a consistently high level of service. When I hear anyone venting about an awful experience as a store’s customer it almost always involves dealing with unpleasant employees, and that’s a shame. Employees hold a lot of the responsibility for a stores conversion, and affect my experience at their store. Of course, there are a number of customer types whose personal peeves when shopping vary in degree, but in my case the biggest no-no is being misled. I single-handedly convinced my parents to switch to Verizon when I was starting high school, and all the new friends I had made were with Verizon. I used the “free” calls
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Unformatted text preview: to Verizon members argument(while choosing to omit their stylish and high priced phone selection). Since then we have added a total of five phone lines, extended our contract four times, and loaded up on accessories, ring tones and text messages every month. Id say we were pretty loyal customers. Recently I went into the Verizon store here in San Diego to get a replacement phone for one I purchased in 06. Only two months after getting the phone, some buttons stopped working and the phone started randomly turning off. Having used my upgrade already, I kept the phone for way too long and by the end of my contract two years later that phone held my personal record for worst purchase ever. The Verizon employee took a look at my phone after telling him the pro...
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